HW for MWH and AP Biology

HW for MWH

  • TEST: Evolution – Monday. See the ‘How to study’ entry on the website.
  • Quiz: Thursday – Types of selection and evidence of evolution
  • Reading: 404-413; you can also start: 443-449; 452-453

HW for AP Biology

  • Chapters 26, 27, 28, 31 – QUIZ Monday. Focus on the BIG IDEAS from these chapters.
  • Read the buffers lab for tomorrow!
  • Mushroom dissection lab: Wednesday
  • Yogurt Qs: Let’s put these for next Monday
  • Functional group flashcards – Wednesday. I will distribute info tomorrow. You will have time in class to review these.
  • Chapters 22-24 reading guides ASAP!!!!!

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