Intro to AP and Scientific Method

Chapter Lecture Notes Reading Guide Video Links
Chapter 1: Intro to AP
Biology and Themes of
AP Biology
Click for lecture notes about themes. Click here for the reading guide! Safety video shown in class.

Field Trips, Labs, and Activities

  • Activity: Theme-Teams: Students research and present scientists who represent each theme.
  • Lab safety activity – Get this in class!
  • Lab: Student-designed: The effect of environmental factors on the metabolic rate of yeast.
  • Lab 11: Animal Behavior with Termite Inquiry Extension (1 week)
    • Click here for the pre-lab!

Videos Used in Class


Unit Objectives

  • Identify and describe the unifying themes of biology.
  • Recognize the characteristics of life and distinguish between living and nonliving things.
  • Perform safely in the laboratory setting.
  • Recognize and apply the steps of the scientific method of problem solving in student-designed labs.

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