Cell Biology Resources

Here you will find resources for your organelle project including the rubric and various links.

Project Exemplars

Decompression Sickness Presentation

Color-Changing Hair

Resources for the cell project:
Using Prezi
1. Begin by going to Prezi.com.

2. View the following video: http://prezi.com/learn/getting-started/. It’s hosted on YouTube, so you should view this at a non-school location. Alternatively, you can read through the text provided on how to build a Prezi. You will have to register at Prezi.com, with a username and password.

3. View the following two lessons: http://prezi.com/learn/grouping-and-layering/ and http://prezi.com/learn/presenting-and-publishing/.

4. View exemplars: The following Prezis are on different topics than the assigned project, but make excellent use of Prezi technology.
a. Evolution Presentation
b. Eratosthenes Presentation
c. Intro to science Presentation

5. View exemplars: Ms. Bergman has many examples of excellent cell organelle projects – some are hosted on this page and some in class. Review these.

Cell Resources

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