Welcome to the School Without Walls biology page! On the main page, you will find the homework and class assignments for biology class, in addition to information about projects and interesting links.

In addition, once the school year is underway, you and your parents and guardians will be able to access your progress in class, including your attendance and grades. Yes! You will be able to access your attendance and grades via a password-protected website. You will also be able to tell if you’re missing any assignments.

This site is meant to be a useful resource for you in your career at SWW. Please contact me if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

One Response

  1. Greetings Ms Bergman. We look forward to meeting you during the school year. We are the parents of Chloe Helton, in your Biology I class. Thank you for the informative website. It will truly keep us abreast of our daughter’s progress and current with assignments. We look forward to accessing it in the future.

    Ricky & Loretta Helton

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