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Notes re: Homework for this week

I hope everyone is safe, dry, and well-rested. Hopefully power and Internet have been restored and everyone’s OK! My Internet and power are tenuous, so apologies if I don’t respond to emails right away!

AP Biology

  • You don’t need to dress for lab Monday, but you will on Thursday. Wear comfortable shoes Monday – we’ll be doing an activity that involves jumping.
  • Please bring the packet of materials (guide to graphing, lab safety, etc.) we began going over last week to class.
  • Your Survival of the Sickest quiz will be on Friday.
  • You may need to bring your AP biology book on Tuesday – we’ll discuss it Monday.

Senior Project

  • Please bring your senior project contracts and senior project binders!
  • If you haven’t turned in your senior project topics, please bring hard copies of them on Monday.
  • The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Quiz will be this Thursday!


  • TWF – Your syllabus slip and letter to Ms. Bergman are due Wednesday! We’ll have your syllabus quiz on Wednesday too, so be prepared with your notebook and calculator.
  • TFIV – Your syllabus slip and letter to Ms. Bergman are due Friday! We’ll have your syllabus quiz on Friday too, so be prepared with your notebook and calculator. We’ll also be doing a lab on Friday, so you’ll have to dress as appropriate to lab. (We’ll discuss it on Tuesday.)

A number of biology students have emailed/asked about an assignment some students were (mistakenly) given over the summer that was NOT intended to be a biology summer assignment. (Which is why there was a UK email address on the assignment.)

That being said, any student at SWW (including Ms. Bergman, Mr. Klawender, and Mr. Evans’ students) who completes and turns in the assignment will be given full credit for it. Any student who did not receive/complete the assignment will be excused from the assignment, so the assignment will not count for or against their grade.

We will discuss the issue in class next week.

Enjoy the Earthquake holiday!

HW for AP Biology and Senior Project

HW for AP Biology

  • Photoblogging Summer Assignment – Tuesday
  • Syllabus Slip/Book Slip – Wednesday
  • If you wish to purchase a lab notebook, bring $12 cash or check made out to Ms. Bergman on Wednesday.
  • Read the Yeast Lab for Thursday
  • DRESS FOR LAB – Thursday
  • Survival of the Sickest Quiz – Friday; bring your reading guides

HW for Lab Techniques

  • Senior project topics, qs, and thesis statements – HARD COPY, Wednesday
  • Syllabus/book slip – Thursday
  • Henrietta Lacks quiz: Bring your reading guides! – Thursday
  • Senior Project Contract – Monday

Note for the 2011-2012 School Year

Biology, Senior Project and AP Biology Students,

This year, all homework and grades will be posted on JupiterGrades, a fantastic online grading system. The student log-in page can be found here. SWW will be distributing usernames and passwords for students and parents in the first few days of school. I will continue to post homework assignments and important links and documents here.

Looking forward to the coming year,

Ms. Bergman

HW and Contact Information Forms for Lab Techniques and AP Biology

HW for Lab Techniques

HW for AP Biology

Invertebrate and Chordate Study Guides

Invertebrate and vertebrate study guides for AP can be found here:

So, you decided to go to Disney World …


  • Ride Space Mountain!



AP Biology

  • Make up your quiz!!!!
  • Get lab results from transformation lab!
  • Get lab results from restriction enzymes lab!

HW for MWH and AP Biology

HW for MWH

  • ATP Quiz: Wednesday
  • 221-224 (ATP)
  • 225-230 (Photosynthesis)
  • Toothpickase Qs: Monday

HW for AP Biology

  • Photosynthesis Lab: Friday
  • Quiz: Chapters 29, 30 and US Botanic Gardens – Monday
  • Bring dirt! Thursday
  • Bring your laptop: Wednesday


A quick note:

Apologies for not having the HW up tonight! My computer had some serious issues that took a few hours to fix. The HW will be up tomorrow.