Meiosis and Mendelian Genetics Resources

Resources for your genetic disorders project

  • Project Rubric for Genetic Disorders Project: newscastprojectrubric_2010
    • Once you have selected a genetic disorder, most have foundations and sites dedicated to the disorder. The NIH and CDC also have extensive resources.


  • Videos on mitosis vs. meiosis, stages of meiosis, and unique features of meiosis: Click here for the videos!
  • Video on source of genetic variation: Click here for the video!
  • Page on meiosis versus mitosis: Click here!
  • Nice pictures of meiosis with labels for practice: Click here!
  • More review of meiosis: Click here!

Mendelian Genetics

  • Instructions on Punnett Squares: Click here!
  • Punnett Squares and Probability: Click here!

Non-Mendelian Genetics


  • A nice intro to pedigrees: Click here!
  • Another pedigree how-to: Click here!

Genetic Disorders

  • Awesome genetic disorders library: Click here!
  • Online genetic disorders database: Click here!
  • Another online genetic disorders database: Click here!
  • And another one: Click here!

Body Systems

I have a huge number of links saved here: – just search for your body system!
Videos Watched in Class

Supplemental resources

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