Surviving AP Biology

Before you panic about the amount of work and material in AP Biology, here are a few things to try. All of these methods have been suggested by students successful in the AP Biology Course:

  • Tape/staple this at the beginning of your notebook!
  • Stay organized! There will be a LOT of handouts for this course. Keep them in dated order, secured (not just shoved into your notebook) in folders, and review them before quizzes/tests.
  • Do your reading guides! These guides are linked to each unit (see the AP Biology side-bar). Rather than filling out the diagrams by copying from the book, fill them out from memory and correct them using the book.
  • Use 5 Steps to a Five throughout the year! The book has great review questions, summaries, etc/ and will help you focus on what’s important.
  • Use the CDROM that comes with Campbell and Reece – it’s got HUNDREDS of videos/quizzes/etc.
  • Use the following video resources – many of these use YouTube, so will have to accessed via a non-school site:
  • Review the homework questions. Questions similar to homework and review questions will appear on tests/quizzes.
  • Many students choose to buy additional review books and/or flashcards.

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