School Without Walls High School SHS in Washington, DC. SWW is a public (non-charter) magnet high school with a 95 percent graduation rate and a 99 percent acceptance rate into colleges among graduates. The school’s mission focuses on using the city as a classroom and incorporating the humanities (literature, history, religion, etc.) into every subject.

The standards and curriculum for biology can be found here: http://www.k12.dc.us/dcps/standards/Biology.htm.

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The goal of this course is to give students a foundational background in biological sciences that familiarizes them with the methods and processes of scientific inquiry, as well as reinforcing math skills and preparing them for their science careers at SWW and at institutions of higher education. Since SWW is a humanities magnet, the course incorporates material from humanities and history, and students will be required to do a great deal of writing for the course. Students should expect to do 20-30 minutes of biology EVERY DAY!

SWW biology is divided into roughly five major units:

  • Chemistry of Life and the Cell
  • Cellular Processes
  • Genetics and DNA
  • Evolution
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology

Each unit incorporates elements from ecology, the study of how organisms interact with each other in their environments.

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