HW for ALL bio classes AND AP BIO

MS. BERGMAN WILL BE AT THE STARBUCKS IN SILVER SPRING FROM 3PM-5PM on MONDAY, 12/27 to discuss students’ projects. Click here for directions!

HW for MWH

  • Project: 1/5
  • Cell size qs: 1/3
  • Midterm: 1/19/11

HW for TWF

  • Cell size Qs – 1/4/11
  • Qs from Osmosis Lab – 1/11/11
  • Project – 1/5/11
  • Midterm: 1/19/11


  • Project 1/7/11
  • Cell size Qs: 1/4/11
  • Quiz: Organelles: 1/4/11
  • Midterm 1/19/11

HW for AP Biology

  • Lab report: Cell Membranes and Osmosis: 1/5/11
  • Chapters 8 and 9: Reading guides
  • Midterm: Chapters 2-9, 1/19/11

HW for AP biology, MWH and TFIV

HW for MWH

  • Microscopy Qs: Wednesday
  • Quiz: Organelles – Thursday
  • Supplies for cell cookies – Thursday
  • Project: 1/5

HW for AP biology

  • Chapters 7 and 8 reading guides
  • Quiz: Chapter 7 – Wednesday
  • Lab report: Osmosis – 1/5/10


  • Properties of water lab: Tuesday
  • Properties of water quiz: Friday
  • Reading: Microscopy: Tuesday
  • Project: 1/7
  • Cell cookies – Friday

HW for MWH, TWF, and TFIV

HW for MWH

  • Quiz- Properties of water: Thursday
  • Microscopy Qs – Wednesday
  • Project – 1/5
  • Progress Reports ASAP!

HW for TWF


  • Properties of Water Qs: Tuesday
  • Read through project rubric
  • Progress Reports Due!

Summer Opportunities at GEMS and SEAP

Gains in the Education of Mathematics and Science (GEMS) is an extracurricular science education program, which enables students to experience science in a real laboratory setting.

The program is based on a multi-disciplinary educational curriculum, and is focused on age- and grade-appropriate hands-on activities, in areas such as science, engineering, mathematics, computational sciences, computational biology, biomedical sciences, chemistry and biology.

Students receive a stipend to participate in one week-, two week- and four-week long programs, depending on student grade and program site. Programs offered at different sites are unique. Please take the time to explore these programs, offered at the sites listed below.

For more information, see: http://www.usaeop.com/programs/gems/.

The Science and Engineering Apprentice Program (SEAP), sponsored by George Washington University and the Department of Defense, is an eight week summer program for high school students. SEAP is designed so that students can apprentice in fields of their choice with experienced scientists and engineers. This opportunity provides students with valuable experience needed to make informed career decisions. Students apprentice with their mentors on mutually agreed upon projects. At Army Research facilities, the students apprentice in a professional research laboratory setting and learn how their research can benefit the Army as well as the civilian community. Because of the setting, students are treated as research assistants rather than just teenagers. First year participants are awarded an educational stipend of $2000.

The students contribute to the research of the laboratory while learning research techniques in the process. This “hands-on” experience gives students a broader view of their fields of interest and shows students what kind of work awaits them in their future career. The students also attend demonstrations and go on field trips to learn more about the inner workings of an Army Research Laboratory. At the end of the summer, the students prepare final reports and present their research at a final seminar.

For more information, see http://www.usaeop.com/programs/SEAP/index.htm.


NIH is sponsoring a summer research program for the Office of Research on Women’s Health.

If you are interested in applying, look here: https://www2.training.nih.gov/apps/publicForms/sip/forms/sipApp.aspx

AND see Ms. Bergman for instructions on applying!

Applications are due Friday, January 7th, 2011. You have to complete an online application, a nomination from the head of the SWW Science Department (Ms. Bergman), and send in an official transcript.

You MUST be at least 16 years old and have completed your junior or senior year by next summer.

HW for AP Biology for Next Week

  • Cell Races Qs: Monday – Turnitin.com
  • Microscopy Qs: Wednesday – Turnitin.com
  • Chaps 4, 5, 6, and 7 – See below for the Power Points for Chapter 6 handout
  • Quiz: Chapters 4, 5, 6 – Friday
  • Membrane Qs: Monday 12/13 – Turnitin.com
  • Read through AP Lab 1

5.4 Cell Membrane.pptx

5.2 Cells-energy production and storage.pptx

5.1 Overview and Endomembrane System_edited.pptx

5.3 Growth and Communication.pptx

HW for MWH, TWF and TFIV

HW for MWH

  • Properties of water lab – Wednesday
  • Quiz: Properties of water – Thursday
  • PROJECT – 1/5/10

HW for TWF

  • Properties of water lab – Tuesday
  • Quiz: Properties of water – Friday
  • PROJECT – 1/5/10


  • Quiz: 141-148 and Packet
  • Test corrections: For each incorrect answer discuss: what you got wrong; why that answer was factually incorrect; what the correct answer is; and why that answer is factually correct. Earn up to 5 points! Tuesday