How to Study For Your Evolution Test

For the Biology I students, here’s a list of what to study for your evolution test:

  • All quizzes – History of Life on Earth Quiz; Museum Quiz/Ocean Hall Assignment; Evolution by Natural Selection; Evidence of Evolution.
  • All lab/activities
    • Candium lab;
    • The Miller-Urey Web lab and Pasteur/germ theory videos;
    • The yogurt lab – visualizing bacteria and making yogurt;
    • The viewing guide for “Great Transformations;”
    • The Ocean Hall Assignment;
    • The Butterfly lab;
    • The evidence of evolution lab;
    • Galapagos finch challenge and graphs;
    • The alien fruit lab;
    • The cladogram activity;
    • The origins of bipedalism handout;
    • Becoming Human viewing guide.

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