HW for TFIV for Tuesday

  • Field trip on Tuesday:
  • Take the metro from Foggy-Bottom to L’Enfant Plaza. (Take the Orange line going toward New Carrollton or the Blue line going toward Largo Town Center). It will be six stops, not including Foggy-Bottom.
  • At L’Enfant Plaza, transfer to the Green Line going toward Branch Avenue. Get off at the Waterfront-SEU stop. It will be one stop, not including L’Enfant Plaza.
  • We will meet people from the Living Classrooms Foundation at the top of the metro. (There’s only one exit.) I will be at the stop to meet you.

Make sure you PACK YOUR LUNCH, BRING WATER, and WEAR CLOSED-TOED SHOES! Read and be prepared to discuss ONE of the following articles.

Analysis Qs for Estimating Population size: Due Friday, September 25. Quiz on Population Ecology: Friday September 25


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