HW for TFIV for Tuesday

  • Analysis Qs – The Tragedy of the Commons
  • Quiz – Carrying capacity and exponential growth – Tuesday
  • Test – Friday October 2!!
  • Project – October 23

HW for TWF for Wednesday

  • Pre-lab: Yogurt
    • One of the pre-lab questions mentions a section in the book on pH. The section is the following: 149-151 (“acids and bases”). Apologies for leaving it off the handout.
  • TEST – Friday!!!
  • 18 multiple choice, 5 short answer.
  • Read 369-375; 380-385; 485-495
    • This is the bulk of the reading for the next unit. You will have a quiz on this AFTER your test.
  • Bring in a small jar with a lid for Wednesday.
  • Get your progress report signed and return the top sheet.
  • PROJECT – 10/23

HW for AP Biology for Monday

  • Correct your M.C. and essay tests.
  • Evolution activity post-analysis qs.
  • Pre-lab: Lab 8 – Evolution and Population Genetics
  • Pre-lab questions: Complete the following and send a screencap/print it out: http://www.phschool.com/science/biology_place/labbench/lab8/intro.html. We WILL review the math/genetics before Thursday. Do your best!
  • The pre-lab should be for parts A and B, though you don’t need to look at each case specifically in part B. A general approach to Part B (What concept is it examining? What will we be doing?) will suffice.
  • Word roots quiz 7: Tuesday!
  • Ocean Hall Exhibit – Open ASSIGNMENT quiz on Thursday!