Test Review Jeopardy

In case you would like to use the Jeopardy program we looked at in class to study for your test, here it is:
Test Review Jeopardy: Ecology.

There is a typo. For food chains, the answer should read .3, not 3.

HW for TFIV for Friday

  • Project – 10/23
  • Progress reports – signed and return the cover sheets
  • Bring in a jar w/ a lid – Tuesday
  • Reading for the next unit (I DO NOT expect this to be done by Friday – focus on your test!!) 369-75; 380-85; 485-495

HW for MHIII for Thursday

  • TEST – Thursday!
  • Project- 10/26!!!
  • Progress reports – signed and returned on Thursday
  • Lab notebooks – 10/5
  • Bring in a jar with a lid for Thursday
  • Reading for the unit: 369-75; 380-85; 485-495 (I don’t expect you to have this done on Thurs! Study for your test.)

HW for AP Biology for Wednesday

  • Pre-lab 8 on Thursday
  • Progress reports – signed and returned on Wednesay
  • Museum assignment quiz – Thursday.
  • Chapter 23.1-23.2 reading guide