HW for AP Biology for Wednesday

  • Reading guide chapter 52
  • Pre-read chapter 53.1-53.4
  • Quiz – word roots Friday!
  • Lab report: due Thursday
  • Pre-lab – Winogradsky columns, due Thursday.
  • Museum assignment – Due Tuesday – Sept 8

2 Responses

  1. Hello ,M s. Bergman for our lab report due thursday. For the After the lab questions number 4 Analysis: says answer any post lab questions included in the lab handout. we did not get any post lab questions. also in the conclusion section it says compare findings with other student for paragraph two.

    • You’re right – no post-lab questions for this lab. If you compared results with others, then compare them. If not, not. I’d spend more time on how you would do the experiment again, as well as explaining your procedure and the decisions you made.

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