HW for AP biology and ALL bio classes

HW for AP Biology

  • TEST: Wednesday – Chapters 12-17
  • Protein Synthesis Packets: Use as a study guide for your test!
  • Lab notebooks – ASAP
  • Genetic disorder presentations – Monday
  • Paper towel rolls: Monday

HW for TWF

  • Field Trip $5 ASAP
  • Project: TUESDAY
  • Quiz: Friday – 291-5, 1-5 on 295
  • Lab Notebook – Next week!

HW for MWH

  • Field Trip $5 ASAP
  • Field Trip Form: Wednesday
  • Lab notebook: Next week!
  • Quiz: Thursday – 291-5, 1-5 on 295


  • PROJECT: Friday
  • Quiz: 281-7, Qs 287
  • Test corrections: Tuesday – For each question, write what was wrong, why your answer was factually incorrect or incomplete, what the correct answer is, and why that answer is factually correct or complete.

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