HW for AP biology, MWH, TFIV

HW for AP Biology

  • Muscle Models – Monday
  • Immune System Plays – Thursday
  • Practice Exams – Monday or Tuesday afternoon


  • Test: Friday – see the ‘How to Study’ post
  • Pedigree – Tuesday

HW for MWH

  • Paper Pet Genetics Qs and Pedigree – Monday
  • Water Quality Quiz: Wednesday – Water Quality: Review the materials from the Chesapeake Bay mapping activity, the water quality indicators handout, and the article on Ocean Dead Zones

How to Study for your Genetics Test

  • Jeopardy: Jeopardyreviewgenetics_2011 AND Jeopardyreviewmoleculargenetics_2009_2011
  • Notes from class: DNA, protein synthesis, mitosis, and meiosis
  • Strawberry DNA extraction
  • Have your DNA and eat it too! activity
  • Notes on DNA discovery video – click here for video.
  • Reading on discovery of DNA from A Short History of Nearly Everything.
  • Reading DNA activity (transcription and translation)
  • Notes on DNA replication, transcription and translation videos – Click here and navigate to videos.
  • Mutations – kinds of mutations and effects of mutations activities.
  • Notes on sickle cell anemia video: Click here for video.
  • Constructing Human Karyotypes
  • Notes on Limb Regeneration video – Click here for video.
  • Mitosis graphic organizer (chart)
  • Mitosis Video: Click here for link.
  • Mitosis Activity
  • Meiosis Activity
  • Genotypes and Phenotypes Handout
  • Paper Pet Genetics
  • Dihybrid crosses – notes from class.
  • Who Killed Shamari Davis? activity
  • Blood transfusion game we played in class: http://nobelprize.org/educational_games/medicine/landsteiner/readmore.html
  • Blood type inheritance – notes from class.
  • Thompson Family Fortune activity
  • Quiz – DNA Structure and Discovery
  • Quiz – Replication and Transcription
  • Quiz – Translation and Mutation
  • Quiz – Chromosomes and Karyotypes
  • Quiz – Genotypes, Phenotypes and Punnett Squares

To review, you can look over the following pages in your textbook. The focus of the test will be what we reviewed in class.

  • 291-295 (Transcription and Translation)
  • 296-301 (Mutations)
  • 203-210 (Chromosomes and the Cell Cycle)
  • 328-329 (Changes in chromosome number – not assigned, but useful for review)
  • 253-262 (Mendel) – Punnett Squares
  • 263-273 (Meiosis) – Meiosis
  • 309-329 (Genetics) – Pedigrees and blood types





HW for TWF, and TFIV

HW for TWF

  • Pedigree: Tuesday
  • TEST: Wednesday: DNA –> Genetics. Stay tuned for a ‘how to study’ post
  • Quiz: 5/6/11 – Water Quality: Review the materials from the Chesapeake Bay mapping activity, the water quality indicators handout, and the article on Ocean Dead Zones


  • Who Killed Shamari Davis? Qs – Friday
  • Quiz: Punnett Squares: Friday
  • Survey and consent forms: Friday
  • TEST: DNA –> Genetics. Stay tuned for a ‘how to study’ post: 5/6/11

HW for AP biology and ALL bio classes

HW for AP Biology

  • TEST: Friday after break – Pig dissection; digestive system; circulatory system; respiratory system; hormones discussed thus far
  • Heart rate lab (see attached if you were absent) + Q10 Cricket Lab Qs: Wednesday after break
  • Review: 5 steps to a 5, Top 15 lists
  • Review: Thursday, Friday and Saturday 12pm-2pm (April 21-April 23) – Please text/email/call if you’re planning to attend AT LEAST 24 hours in advance.

HW for MWH

  • Read pages 253-63
  • Summary Questions and Pedigrees: Monday 5/2/11
  • Water Sample: Wednesday
  • Quiz: Genotypes and Phenotypes: Thursday


  • Meiosis Qs: Tuesday
  • Meiosis Quiz: Tuesday – 263-73
  • Summary Qs and pedigrees: Tuesday
  • Read 253-62

HW for TWF

  • Quiz: 4 and 16 block Punnett Squares – Tuesday
  • Reading: 315-7; 309-14; 324-25
  • Water Samples: Wednesday
  • Blood typing lab (Who Killed Shamari Davis?) Qs – Wednesday
  • We will set a date for the genetics test shortly after break – begin reviewing now!

HAVE A GREAT BREAK! Get some sleep!

The Effect of Activity on Heart Rate_edited_2011_ap.docx

Link for Hemoglobin and Bohr Shift Tutorials


Invertebrate and Chordate Study Guides

Invertebrate and vertebrate study guides for AP can be found here: https://biowithoutwalls.com/ap-biology/animal-diversity-unit-plan/invertebrate-and-vertebrate-guides/


  • Begin Meiosis Qs!
  • Quiz: Mitosis 203-10
  • 263-73: Meiosis


HW for TWF

  • Quiz: Meiosis – Wednesday: 263-73
  • Paper Pet Genetics: Qs and Pedigrees – Wednesday
  • Form for survey and survey – Wednesday

HW for AP Biology

  • Quiz: Vertebrates and Invertebrates – Thursday
  • Female reproductive system packet: Monday
  • Diversity of life project: Friday by midnight
  • Pig dissection: Read the packet and complete AT LEAST the anatomical references, ‘sexing’ your pig, digestive system and circulatory system quizzes – http://www.whitman.edu/biology/vpd/main.html

HW for MWH

  • Mitosis/Meiosis Quiz: 203-210; 263-73; NEXT Thursday
  • Meiosis Qs: NEXT Thursday
  • Read ‘Paper Pet’ handout

Activity for AP Biology for Restriction Enzymes and Gel Electrophoresis

Here’s the activity: http://www.phschool.com/science/biology_place/biocoach/red/intro.html.
Take the quiz at the end and take a screenshot of your answers and email me!

If you want a more in-depth look at Gel Electrophoresis, do this activity: http://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/labs/gel/

There are also handouts at the front that will help in constructing calibration curves.

Let me know if you have questions!