How to Study for your Genetics Test

  • Jeopardy: Jeopardyreviewgenetics_2011 AND Jeopardyreviewmoleculargenetics_2009_2011
  • Notes from class: DNA, protein synthesis, mitosis, and meiosis
  • Strawberry DNA extraction
  • Have your DNA and eat it too! activity
  • Notes on DNA discovery video – click here for video.
  • Reading on discovery of DNA from A Short History of Nearly Everything.
  • Reading DNA activity (transcription and translation)
  • Notes on DNA replication, transcription and translation videos – Click here and navigate to videos.
  • Mutations – kinds of mutations and effects of mutations activities.
  • Notes on sickle cell anemia video: Click here for video.
  • Constructing Human Karyotypes
  • Notes on Limb Regeneration video – Click here for video.
  • Mitosis graphic organizer (chart)
  • Mitosis Video: Click here for link.
  • Mitosis Activity
  • Meiosis Activity
  • Genotypes and Phenotypes Handout
  • Paper Pet Genetics
  • Dihybrid crosses – notes from class.
  • Who Killed Shamari Davis? activity
  • Blood transfusion game we played in class:
  • Blood type inheritance – notes from class.
  • Thompson Family Fortune activity
  • Quiz – DNA Structure and Discovery
  • Quiz – Replication and Transcription
  • Quiz – Translation and Mutation
  • Quiz – Chromosomes and Karyotypes
  • Quiz – Genotypes, Phenotypes and Punnett Squares

To review, you can look over the following pages in your textbook. The focus of the test will be what we reviewed in class.

  • 291-295 (Transcription and Translation)
  • 296-301 (Mutations)
  • 203-210 (Chromosomes and the Cell Cycle)
  • 328-329 (Changes in chromosome number – not assigned, but useful for review)
  • 253-262 (Mendel) – Punnett Squares
  • 263-273 (Meiosis) – Meiosis
  • 309-329 (Genetics) – Pedigrees and blood types





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