HW for AP biology and MWH

HW for AP Biology

  • Chapter 23, 24, 26 reading guides – Get started on 26 NOW!
  • Concept map: Chapter 24 – Monday
  • Lab 8 Quiz: Monday
  • SQUID DISSECTION – 11/2 – If I didn’t get a NOAA form for you (meaning you didn’t go on the Living Classrooms field trip, then I need this form MONDAY
  • Laptops Monday – Download the following: http://explorebiology.com/apbiology/labs/lab34.html
  • ClustalX!
  • Phylowin

We are beginning the taxonomy unit: There’s a LOT going on in this unit. Get started on the reading NOW. Fungal Friday: http://www.botany.hawaii.edu/faculty/wong/BOT135/Lect16.htm

  • Remember, fungi are used in making bread, certain cheeses, root beer, soy sauce, etc. Bring something!

Enjoy your weekend!HW for MWH

  • 393-403 – Quiz Thursday: Focus on what we did in class!
  • Wednesday: Fare card and comfortable shoes for the museum field trip
  • Read Natural Selection Lab
  • Bring an ‘environment’ for the Natural Selection lab
  • Enjoy your weekend!

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