HW for MWH and AP Biology

HW for MWH

  • Tragedy of the Commons Qs – Wednesday
  • Read through the Yogurt Lab – Wednesday
  • Test corrections: For each incorrect answer discuss: what you got wrong; why that answer was factually incorrect; what the correct answer is; and why that answer is factually correct. Earn up to 5 points! – Wednesday!
  • Project – Oct. 14th: Meet with Ms. Bergman ASAP!
  • Questions on Candium: October 14th

HW for AP Biology

  • Chapters 22 and 23 reading guides
  • Finish DNA differences charts in whales
  • Qs for Natural Selection Lab – Friday
  • Word roots quiz – Friday
  • Conference w/ Ms. Bergman – ASAP!
  • Field trip forms: ASAP
  • Chapter 22 and 23 quiz: Thursday, October 14th