HW for AP Biology, TWF and TFIV

HW for AP Biology

  • Alien Fruit – ASAP
  • Chapter 23 and 24 reading guides – you need to be ready to concept map out chapter 24!
  • Chapter 23 Quiz – Thursday!
  • AP Lab 8 – The ‘Mating’ lab – Quiz, 11/1/10
  • SQUID DISSECTION – 11/2 – If I didn’t get a NOAA form for you (meaning you didn’t go on the Living Classrooms field trip, then I need this form MONDAY
  • Lab notebooks – BY next Thursday
  • Laptops – please bring on Monday!

HW for TWF

  • Read through the Natural Selection Lab – bring an environment you want to test!
  • Wednesday – Trip to the Natural History Museum – Bring a farecard
  • Lab Notebooks – BY next Thursday
  • 393-403 – Evolution by Natural Selection


  • Quiz: Tuesday – 369-375, 380-383
  • Notebook check – BY next Thursday
  • You will have a QUIZ on your Ocean Hall assignment – probably 11/2. Finish it while it’s fresh in your mind!

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