How to study for your Cell Energetics test

  • Review Jeopardy! testreviewjeopardy_cell_energetics_2010
  • Cell Energetics Notes: Click Cells_energy!
  • Look over the following activities:
    • ATP Lab
    • Toothpickase Lab
    • Chromatography Lab
    • Photosynthesis Notes
    • Photosynthesis Lab
    • Leaf Structure Lab
    • Who Killed Tony Turnip? Flower Dissection
    • Forensic Palynology Notes: Forensic Palynology_edited
    • Respiration Activities
    • Respiration Notes
    • ATP and Enzymes Quiz
    • Chromatography and Photosynthesis Quiz

    To review, you can look over the following pages in your textbook. The focus of the test will be what we reviewed in class.

    • ATP: 221-224
    • Enzymes: 160-163
    • Photosynthesis: 225-230
    • Leaf and stem structure: 617-620
    • Flower structure: 646-651 (focus on what we reviewed in class)
    • Respiration: 231-237

One Response

  1. Thanks a Million Mrs. Bergman, this really helped me study for the test!

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