HW for TFIV for Friday

  • Lab report – Photosynthesis – Tues.: For this lab, many groups’ data did not "work" correctly. The data you have is the data you have. As long as you show me you understand photosynthesis and explain what went wrong in the experiment, you will be OK!
  • Quiz: Chromatography and photosynthesis- Friday.
  • Work on Turnitin.com: Chromatography Qs, by 11:59pm; prelab- with lab report – Tues.

HW for TWF for Wednesday

  • Cut and Paste and Summary Qs – Tuesday.
  • Quiz: Friday – Photosynthesis and Chromatography
  • Test – 2/26 (ATP, Enzymes, Chromatography, Photosynthesis, Plant Structure, Respiration)
  • Guest speaker – Tomorrow!

HW for AP Biology for Wednesday

  • Masteringbio.com: Plant Transport, Growth, etc. – ASAP
  • Masteringbio.com: Animal Diversity: March 1
  • Reading guides: 36-39, 32-34
  • Prepare for Dissections – Sea Urchins, Thursday; Pigs, Monday
  • Chordate and Invert Packet – via email by Friday
  • Plant Quiz: Friday
  • Labs on turnitin.com – ASAP!