HW for AP Biology for Wednesday

  • Pre-labs:
    • Transpiration – Thurs; Click here for the pre-lab qs. Click here for a great site on transpiration.
    • Green bags- Wed.
  • Plant behavior – upload your data!
  • Masteringbio.com – plants assignment 1
  • Quiz – 20Qs, no essay; Chapters 29, 30, 25.
  • Monocot and dicot qs – Monday
  • Interested in dissecting squid on Feb 9? See me! Limited space available!
  • Sign up for AP Saturday Academy at SWW.
  • A great site on plant nutrients: http://www.agr.state.nc.us/cyber/kidswrld/plant/nutrient.htm
  • A great site on plant hormones: http://www.plant-hormones.info/index.htm.

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