HW for TFIV and TWF for Tuesday

  • PROJECTS DUE!!!! 1/19/10!
    • EMAIL me with any questions.
    • DRESS appropriately for a presentation.
    • EMAIL me your presentation if it involves technology to ensure it works on my computer!
  • ATP lab analysis qs – 1/20/10 (TWF only)
  • Lab notebooks – TFIV – see me ASAP; TWF – we will do this next week

HW for AP Biology for Thursday

  • Photosynthesis tutorial: Masteringbio.com 1/21/10
  • Chapter guides 10, 29 and 30.
  • Meet at the Capital South metro tomorrow at 1:40pm to go to the Botanic Gardens.
  • Lab notebook – ASAP!!!
  • Photosynthesis lab report: No, there are no analysis Qs!
    You need to explain YOUR data and results! – tomorrow.
  • Plant activity and cut and paste – tomorrow.