How to study for your chemistry and cells test!

Here’s what to review for your test:

  • Class notes:
  • The packet/chemistry notes and reading.
  • Properties of water lab.
  • Virtual microscopy assignment.
  • Microscopy lab.
  • Organelle chart.
  • Cell size lab.
  • Selective permeability and osmosis lab.
  • Cell membrane models.
  • Cell transport activity (passive and active transport).
  • The following readings (already assigned!): bonding – 141-8; water – 152-3; diffusion 154-6; Membranes: 175-178; osmosis/transport – 195-203 (Up to “Cell reproduction”)
  • Quizzes – Chemistry/properties of water; organelles; diffusion and selective permeability.
  • The Jeopardy! review program: testreviewjeopardy_cell_membranes_2009_2010

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