HW for Biology, MHIII

HW for MHIII – Due Thursday!

  • Syllabus slip and book slip signed
  • Syllabus quiz – Monday!
    • 20% of the quiz score is having your notebook!
  • Read lab procedure for “Is Yeast Alive?”
  • Letter – AT LEAST 1.5 pages (college ruled notebook paper, etc.) written or 1 page typed double spaced – Pick and answer three of the following questions:
    • What does your name mean to you?
    • What have your previous science class experiences been like? What have you enjoyed? What haven’t you enjoyed?
    • What do you expect to learn this year? What are you looking forward to? What are you dreading?
    • What are your favorite books/movies/music/interests?
    • Is there anything you feel I should know about you before we start this course?

HW for AP Bio

AP Bio site updates:

The unit plan for our first major unit – Ecology – can be found here: https://biowithoutwalls.com/ap-biology/ecology-unit-plan/.

Other handouts – the lab report format and notebook rubric, etc. – may be found here;
https://biowithoutwalls.com/ap-biology/ap-biology-labs-and-handouts/. (Scroll down!)

HW for AP biology

  • Syllabus slip and book slip signed
  • Pre-read sections 1.1-1.2
  • Signed and returned lab safety contracts.
  • Summer assignment due Friday at 3:30pm
  • Word root quiz – Tues., Sept. 1, set 1