Summer Assignment for Biology

For students taking biology, the assigned summer reading is:
Last Chance to See by Douglas Adams and Mark Carwardine

For each chapter you need to keep a typed reflective journal of your reaction to the text.

Please break down your summaries/reactions accordingly:

  • One summary/reaction per chapter. (15 total). (1 point each)
  • Your reactions should be written in standard English, though you may use personal pronouns (I, we, etc.). (1 point each)
    • No text message short hands such as LOL, etc.
    • Take the time to correct typos, grammar mistakes, etc.
  • Your summaries/reactions must contain at least 2 paragraphs
    • 1st paragraph = summary of the chapter (2 points each)
    • 2nd paragraph = reflection/thoughts on the chapter (2 points each
    • What is your immediate reaction/thought after reading this chapter?
    • How does this relate to your personal life?
    • Do you agree or disagree with the author’s ideas?
    • Did you find the chapter interesting and why?
    • Did the chapter raise any questions for you? What are they?
    • Include questions you had/topics you would like to discuss.

  • Some prompts to help get you started are below. You are not limited to these nor need to include all of these:

If you have any questions concerning the assignment, please do not hesitate to contact me at This assignment is also posted online at

Zoo assignment and weekend hw for ALL CLASSES

All classes:

All zoo assignments are due by Monday at 3:30pm AT THE LATEST!

Students who have not returned their textbooks are expected to do so ASAP.

Dress up for graduation! Graduation is Tuesday at the Lisner Auditorium on GW’s campus.
Map of where the Lisner Auditorium is located on GWU’s campus through Google Maps

Students in TWF and TFIII who signed up to bring supplies should do so! Email me if you cannot remember what you were supposed to bring!

Zoo assignment

The zoo assignment is due by Friday if you went to the zoo. You can find the assignment at the following link:

If you did not go to the zoo and have an EXCUSED absence, your assignment is due Monday.