HW for Biology for the week of 9.8.08

HW for biology due the first time I see you in class next week. (Monday for the MWH class, Tuesday for everyone else.)

  • Write a review of your experiment that you presented in class.
    Paragraph One: Present the question, your experiment, and what you think its strengths are. What are your predicted results? How will you measure them?

    Paragraph Two: What you could do to improve your experiment? How could you expand your experimental? What problems might you encounter performing the experiment? How could you address these problems?

  • Finish your variables activity!
  • If you have not taken notes on pages 6-18, you should catch up on these. DON’T FALL BEHIND!

HW for Senior Project for Monday!

HW for Senior Project – DUE MONDAY:

Using the annotation strategies from the reading, students should find one article (3-5 pages in length) related to one of their topics that has an arguable thesis. Then they will annotate the article– paying close attention to how the author argues the issue. Students should also come up with a list of 10 questions that aided their understanding of the author’s argument. (To find an article students can use the online research database at DC Public Library)