Senior Project HW!

For those of you who did not show me your argument topics, you need to email these to me by next week.

HW due AFTER Labor Day for biology

Congrats on finishing your first week at SWW! Here is the homework due the class meeting after Labor Day:

  • Obtain all course materials – Be sure to bring in your notebook for the syllabus quiz!
  • Study for your syllabus quiz.
  • Read and take notes on the characteristics of life in the textbook, ppgs. 6-11. I will be checking your notes!
  • For those classes that completed the lab, finish your post-lab questions if you did not complete these during class.
  • If you would like to get a head-start on reading for next week, read and take notes on pages 11-18 and complete questions 1, 2 and 4 on page 18. These will be checked during the last class of the week for your class period.

Senior Project HW!

I had a wonderful time speaking with you four about Senior Project today. I hope we can maintain that tone of honesty, self-disclosure, and mutual support throughout the process.

HW for Thursday:

Read pages 4-6 in your senior project handbook.

THINK ABOUT YOUR PROJECT TOPIC! We will be writing about this on Thursday.

*ETA: Here are the strategies we brainstormed in class!*