Reminder – No school Friday for students because of Parent-Teacher conferences.

  • Read and take notes on 157-163, Qs 1-4 and 7 on 163 (checked next Tuesday)
  • Define the word parts on the vocab list; practice building and defining at least 15 words (checked next Tuesday)
  • Outline due: Thursday by 1:15pm for TFIII and TFIV; Monday by 1:15pm for TWF.
  • Letter to yourself/parents: Write a letter to yourself about your plan for completing this project. Basically, what work will you do when, how you will budget your time, and how you will get help when you need it. The letter should be less than a page. It’ll be signed by your parents and by me.

HW for MWH for Thursday

HW for MWH for Thursday:

  • Read and take notes on 157-163, Qs 1-4 and 7 on 163 (Due Thurs!)
  • Project outline due next Monday; rubric slip signed for Thursday.

HW for MWH

Study for your test! Notebook check on Monday!

HW for TFIII and TFIV.

Below is the rubric for the compare and contrast essay assigned last Friday for TFIII and TFIV.


An outline for this project will be due on Thursday by 1:15pm.

Also, please skim 157-163. You will be asked to take notes, and answer qs 1-4 and 7 on 163. We will begin discussing this on Tuesday and the assignment will be due the following Tuesday. (You WILL have other HW, so start by skimming the chapter.)

Please let me know if you have any questions: biowithoutwalls@gmail.com.


Study for your test! Notebook check on Friday!

Below is the Jeopardy PowerPoint presentation we reviewed during class. Use it!


HW for MWH

Homework for MWH:

Post-lab questions and quiz on pH and properties of water: due Thursday.

Reading on properties of water – highlight/notes: due Wednesday.

Study for your test and organize your notebook for notebook check: Monday.


Sorry for the delay in posting the HW – Internet was a bit wobbly this weekend. My apologies.

For tomorrow: Finish the lab questions for the lab sections you’ve completed for the properties of water lab. We will finish the lab tomorrow.
Highlight/take notes on properties of water reading.
Quiz on properties of water and pH tomorrow.
Test and notebook check Friday.

For Friday:

STUDY FOR YOUR TEST! Notebook check on Friday!

Warning – You’ll be assigned your major project for the advisory on Friday.

Note for TWF section: Your homework is the same as above, but we will have your quiz on Wednesday. Your lab questions will also be due Wednesday.

HW for Friday for TFIII, TFIV and TWF.

HW for Friday for TFIII, TFIV and TWF:

Notes on pages 19-21, Q 2 on 23; notes on 149-151, Q4 on 151 – These will be checked!

Notebook rubric – signed slip returned!

Study for your test next week!

Read through your properties of water lab – write down any questions, comments, etc.

Senior Project HW!


Senior project application: Due Sept. 26.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

HW for MWH


Read and take notes on 148-149, Q 5 on 151 – checked!

Post-lab Questions

Study for your quiz on atoms, bohr diagrams, and bonding.

For next Monday: Take notes on 19-21, Q2 on 23; 149-151 (from Acids and Bases), Q4 on 151