How to study for your ecology test

  • Quizzes: Food chains and populations
  • Ecology notes: ecology_2011
  • All lab/activities:
    • Making food chains lab;
    • Sampling and invasive species lab;
    • Control of populations lab;
    • Symbiosis activity;
    • Succession scavenger hunt;
    • Chesapeake Bay mapping and water quality testing
  • Test review jeopardy: Click testreviewjeopardyecology_2011!
  • All assigned reading/notes
    • Principles of Ecology and biotic and abiotic factors: 35-41
    • Roles in ecosystems; symbiosis: 42-45
    • Food chains and food webs: 46-52 (up to “cycles”)
    • Succession: 67-69
    • Population Growth: 91-93, diagram on 94
    • Factors affecting population growth: 96-99
    • Counting populations: 104-105
  • Videos:

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