HW for AP biology and ALL bio classes

Apologies for the delay in posting homework, etc. Quizzes will be accordingly post-poned!

HW for MWH

  • DRESS for the field trip on Wednesday! Meet at 9:30am at Room 12 (Ms. Bergman’s room).
  • Mitosis lab:

    If you DID not go on the Disney trip: Wednesday.
    If you went on the Disney trip: BY Friday afternoon.
    Complete the summary Qs, cancer graphs and Qs.

  • Meiosis Lab: Thursday 4/14/11
  • Chromosomes and the Cell Cycle: 203-210; Meiosis: 263-273

HW for AP Biology

  • Quiz: Thursday – Chapter 20/Biotechnology – Focus on what we discussed in class!
  • Diversity of Life PPTs – BOTH chordates and invertebrates – EMAILED/Shared via GoogleDocs by Friday at midnight.
  • Female reproductive system packet: Monday


  • Quiz: Mutations, Chromosomes and Karyotypes – Postponed until Friday!!!!
  • Read the mitosis lab for Tuesday
  • Chromosomes and the Cell Cycle: 203-210; Changes in chromosome number: 328-329; sickle cell anemia 323-4

HW for TWF

  • Lab Summary Qs and Cancer Graphs – Tuesday
  • Quiz: Mitosis – POSTPONED until FRIDAY
  • Chromosomes and the Cell Cycle: 203-210; meiosis: 263-273
  • Meiosis Qs: Friday.

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