HW for AP Biology and TFIV

HW for AP Biology

  • Amylase Qs: 3/2/11
  • Mitosis Qs: 3/5/11
  • Meiosis Qs: 3/8/11
  • Chapters 12 and 13
  • Bring laptops on Thursday!!!!
  • Download the following lab: http://intro.bio.umb.edu/VGL/download.htm: You want VGL II – NOT the first version. DL the appropriate version for your computer, unzip the file, and save to an easy-to-find location.


  • Leaf Structure Lab Qs: Tuesday
  • Flower Dissection Qs: Friday
  • Quiz: Plants – Friday
  • Reading: Structure of Carbohydrates: 158-159; Leaf and stem structure: 616 (begin at “stems transport materials”-620); Flower structure: 641-643, 646-651 (focus on what we reviewed in class)
  • TEST: 3/8/11: ATP, enzymes, chromatography + photosynthesis, plants + flowers, respiration – see the "how to study" post

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