HW for MWH and AP Biology

AP Biology

  • Chapters 54 and 55 reading guides
  • Word roots quiz: Tuesday and Friday
  • Lab quiz: Lab 12 – Monday
  • TEST: ECOLOGY – 25 MC and 1 FRQ. You will get three FRQ options in advance. One will appear on your test.
  • Cemetery survivorship curves: Friday
  • Succession Scavenger Hunt: 10/1/10
  • Be prepared for FRQ practice – you may bring your breakfast!


  • Project – 10/14
  • Quiz: Ecology and populations: Thurs.
  • TEST: Ecology – Wednesday 9/29/10: In class review on Monday! 25 MC and 3 SA
  • Analysis Qs: Populations – Wednesday
  • Bring material to work with projects on Wednesday
  • Succession Scavenger Hunt – Discuss in class on Thursday.

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