HW for MWH (1-2) biology for the week

  • Pre-test – Completed by Wednesday
  • Yeast lab – think about IVs and bring in any materials that relate to your IV (different types of sugar, for example). Check w/ Ms. Bergman to see if the IV is doable and if SWW has the materials. (We have ways to vary temperature, acid/base, etc.)
  • Readings: All suggested readings for the YEAR can be found here – https://biowithoutwalls.com/notes/suggested-reading-list/; all readings can be found in Biology: The Dynamics of Life (your textbook!)

    • Characteristics of Living Things: 6-10
    • The Methods of Biology: 11-18
    • Kinds of Information: 19-21 (up to “Science in Society”)

  • 5 pictures that could be used in constructing a food chain for Thursday.

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