HW for ALL bio classes AND AP BIO over break

HW for ALL BIO Classes

  • Electrophoresis Qs – Thursday. (MHIII ONLY)
  • Get started on the following readings. These are NOT going to be checked/quizzed on immediately after break. Rather, use this time to get started on the reading that will be assigned throughout April.
  • 203-210 (Cell Cycle)
  • 253-262 (Mendel)
  • 263-273 (Meiosis)
  • 309-329 (Genetics)

Notebook check – Tues (TFIV), Wed (TFIV, TWF), Thurs (MHIII) after break.HW for AP Bio classes

  • Chapters 45, 48, 49, 50, 51 – April 13
  • Test – 45, 48,49, 50 – April 13
  • AP review packets – independent work
  • Brain cap lab and menstrual cycle lab – April 7th.
  • Study group – Saturday, April 3, 10am, Ebenezer’s
  • Bring materials for modeling muscles if needed: http://bcs.whfreeman.com/thelifewire/content/chp47/4702001.html

2 Responses

  1. im in MHIII class and I just looked on the website and saw that we had the electrophoresis lab which i dont really remember. Even if you grade it could we possible go over it in class, because i asked some people in MHIII for help and no one was sure


    • It’s the colorful electrophoresis lab, the one where we loaded the gel with food dye and watched it separate using electricity. Does that ring a bell?

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