HW for AP Biology for Tuesday

  • Reading guide, 26.4-end; chapter 24 – all; chapter 25.1 (just read and take notes – there’s no reading guide).
  • Phylogeny/taxonomy lab – all! Due Thursday 10/15
  • Test: Evolution – 22-25.1, Friday 10/16
  • Practice test with BOTH essays – 10/15
  • Pre-lab questions ONLY for the yogurt lab
  • Bring a small jar for Thursday!

2 Responses

  1. Ms. Bergman I am really confused about question number four on the analysis questions. I was also woundering can you explain to me how would we construct a new caldogram for number one. would we use the list of penguins they gave us already on the website?

    • So, we use another organism listed on the website – a chicken, a mouse, a human, etc. Look up its taxonomy just as you did for the penguin. Then look up its cytochrome b gene, and do a BLAST search from there.
      As for a cladogram for number one, yes, please look at the list on the website.

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