HW for MHIII for Monday

  • Project – Monday!! Dress accordingly
  • Revise EITHER your yogurt or yeast lab and resubmit (Thurs.) – optional!
  • Museum assignment quiz – Thursday!
  • Homologous, analogous, and vestigial traits lab – Thurs.

HW for AP Biology for Friday

  • Reading guide – Fungi
  • Preview Chapter 2: The Chemical Context of Life
  • Yogurt Post-Lab Qs – Friday
  • Test corrections – Friday
  • Read the lab (pH and buffers) for Monday!!

HW for TWF for Friday

Ignore the previous post!!

  • Project!!! – DRESS
  • Lab notebook – BY 12:30 October 29.
  • Butterfly Lab – Analysis Qs and graph – Tuesday

HW for TWF for Friday

  • PROJECT!!!! – Friday. DRESS.
  • Lab notebook – BY 12:30, October 29!

HW for TFIV for Friday

  • PROJECT!!!!!
  • Notebook amnesty – ASAP: If I haven’t seen your notebook, I need to see it!
  • Museum assignment and quiz – Next Tuesday!

HW for TWF for Wednesday

  • PROJECT – Bring materials to work on your project tomorrow!
  • Museum Quiz – OPEN assignment – tomorrow!
  • Analysis Qs: Butterflies – Due NEXT Tuesday.

Miller-Urey Experiment

Here is the link to the Miller-Urey online experiment we did in class: http://www.ucsd.tv/miller-urey/.

HW for MHIII for Thursday

  • Quiz – Origin of Life – pages 380-385 – Thursday
  • Museum assignment – Open assignment quiz, October 29
  • Project – 10/26/09
    • Bring in materials for your project

HW for AP Biology

  • Three bacteria/archaea activities posted at http://masteringbio.com/. Due Monday! If you are NOT registered for the site already (there are two of you), you must register ASAP using a code that I have to give you.
  • Reading guide – Chapter 27, 28.1-3
  • Lab notebook – BY Thursday
  • Test corrections – Friday
  • Post-lab qs for the yogurt lab – Friday.
  • Fungal feast – Friday

AP Bio Test Results

The preliminary AP bio test results show a significant improvement over the previous scores. The average on the test increased by 10 points, and a chi-square test reveals a significant difference between the two scores. GOOD JOB!